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Hiring A Board Certified Attorney in Broward County

What does it mean to be a Board Certified Attorney? Certification is the highest level of evaluation by The Florida Bar of competency and experience within an area of law. Certification also recognizes professionalism and ethics in practice. Being a Board Certified Attorney means you are recognized for special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of […]

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Your Hallandale Beach Divorce Attorneys

Addicott & Addicott, P.A. has been serving the Hallandale community for over 20 years, handling family law, real estate, probate, and business litigation. If you’re looking for a dedicated legal team to meet your needs, call your Hallandale Beach Divorce Attorneys at Addicott & Addicott today at (954) 454 – 2605 .

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The 6 Stages Of Divorce Grief

Breaking up a long partnership can be painful. Accordingly, grief is a real and emotional aspect of any divorce. Your Fort Lauderdale divorce law firm will advise you that tackling these sensitive issues early is an important part of a successful divorce process. Make sure you have experienced help when going through your divorce. Help From […]

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Damage To Children From Parental Conflict

Watching your parents constantly fight during and/or after a divorce can be heartbreaking and damaging to children. A Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can tell you that perpetual conflict will negatively impact your children’s future. Know the Research The Institute for Family Studies describes how frequent, heated, and hostile parental conflict is harmful to children. Your Fort […]

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Valuing Leased Vehicles in Your Marital Estate

When dividing assets during your divorce, leased vehicles are often a source of dispute. You may need to work closely with your Boca Raton family law attorney to understand the logistics of your leased vehicle and determine how it should be calculated into the marital estate. Asset or Liability? The confusion over whether a leased […]

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The 4 Steps to Achieving A Property Settlement

Dividing a marital estate during divorce isn’t always easy, as there are likely to be arguments over what property belongs to whom. Here are 4 simple steps that your Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer can help you with, to ensure that a fair property settlement is reached, and property is divided equally and fairly between divorcing […]

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Your Most Important Asset: Your Children

Your children are the most important things to protect in your divorce, and yet too often, children are often treated as collateral damage by the parents, by the courts or by the system. The family law system often treats children like just more paperwork. Your Boca Raton divorce lawyer will give you advice on what […]

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Handling Joint Accounts and Finances in a Divorce

A Boca Raton family divorce attorney is frequently asked questions about how to handle finances and assets during a divorce. Your Boca Raton Family Divorce Attorney Will Advise You on What Financial Steps to Take in Your Divorce It is imperative to keep track of liquid funds. Opening a checking account separate from the one […]

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How to Maintain Contact With Your Children

Any Boca Raton family lawyer will tell you that the most important influence on children during a divorce is how the parents act during this painful process. Your children’s emotional health will, in many ways, depend on how you and your spouse act toward each other and toward your children following your divorce. Here are […]

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