Fort Lauderdale Contract Dispute Attorney Explains Contract Disputes

Lauderdale Contract Dispute Attorney Contracts are an essential part of business. The parties involved in a business transaction rely on each other to successfully fulfill their respective contractual obligations. When there is a breach of contract, it may potentially have a negative effect on the productivity and profits of a business. In order to mitigate damages, it is imperative to resolve a contractual dispute in a prompt and cost-effective manner. A skilled Fort Lauderdale contract dispute attorney possesses the knowledge and resources needed to resolve the legal issue.

Different Types of Contractual Disagreements

A valid contract is comprised of an offer, acceptance, and consideration. When an offer is made and the other party accepts the terms of the offer, something of value is given when the work is completed. An experienced Fort Lauderdale contract dispute attorney knows that even if a contract is well-written, a legal issue may still be raised at some point due to the complexity of business laws. Common contractual violations include misrepresentation, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, nonperformance, and failure to fulfill payment obligations.

Damages for Breach of Contract

When a party is injured as a result of a contractual breach, they may be entitled to receive monetary damages or other forms of compensation. The monetary damages requested by a Fort Lauderdale contract dispute lawyer would be an amount that compensates the injured party for the loss he sustained. The court may not award the full amount of compensation requested if the injured party didn’t take reasonable steps to limit the extent of the injury.

Fort Lauderdale Contract Dispute Attorney Discusses Alternative Conflict Resolution Methods

When a Fort Lauderdale contract dispute attorney handles a case, the needs of the client are paramount. For many clients, it is recommended that they avoid the costly expense associated with litigation. Negotiating a settlement out of court through mediation or arbitration often saves the client a substantial amount of money and there is a greater chance that both parties will reach an amicable resolution.

Contact a Fort Lauderdale Contract Dispute Lawyer

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