Your Most Important Asset: Your Children

Your children are the most important things to protect in your divorce, and yet too often, children are often treated as collateral damage by the parents, by the courts or by the system. The family law system often treats children like just more paperwork. Your Boca Raton divorce lawyer will give you advice on what you can do to protect your children.Boca Raton divorce lawyer

While the time and resources our society devotes to ensuring the well-being of children, especially children from fractured families, is miniscule and has shrunk even more in the last few years, children are fortunately more resilient than you might think. If you, with the help of your Boca Raton family divorce law firm, make some basic provisions for them during the divorce, they are likely to come out without significant lasting harm.

One key provision to make for your children, which might sound counter-intuitive, is to exclude them. Your Boca Raton divorce lawyer will tell you that your children are not actually parties to your divorce. Only you and your spouse are. Therefore, you should make sure to exclude them from the process. If you and your spouse are having an argument, don’t have it in front of them or even in proximity of them where they might hear. Your Boca Raton divorce lawyer will have seen divorces where parents try to use the children as confidantes or pawns to use to manipulate the other, and this always causes more pain than anything else.

Your children are probably not old enough to understand the complicated issues you and your Boca Raton family divorce law firm are dealing with, so confiding in them with your emotional issues is just going to confuse and frustrate them. Trying to enlist a child to report information on the other essentially asks your child to betray a parent, which will leave lasting scars. Whatever happens, your Boca Raton divorce lawyer will tell you that your children are not bargaining chips.

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