How to Maintain Contact With Your Children

Any Boca Raton family lawyer will tell you that the most important influence on children during a divorce is how the parents act during this painful process. Your children’s emotional health will, in many ways, depend on how you and your spouse act toward each other and toward your children following your divorce.Boca Raton family lawyer

Here are some guidelines from a Boca Raton family attorney as to how to maintain contact with your children after your divorce. These guidelines are not comprehensive and will not fix all problems that may arise, but they should provide a good foundation for you and your spouse to work together in the interests of your children.

  • Put your children’s welfare above all else. Focus not just on their physical needs but their emotional needs as well so that they can continue to develop normally;
  • Ensure contact between parents is pleasant and amicable, not just for the sake of the children, but for the sake of you and your spouse as well. Your Boca Raton family lawyer will advise you that keeping things amicable will make things smoother for everyone involved;
  • Do things with your children to create rituals and memories. Your Boca Raton family attorney might have some ideas for this. Play some sports or read books together, and assure your children that you will be there for them;
  • Keep up normal, frequent, and continuing contact with the children. Your Boca Raton family lawyer will tell you that is vital to your children’s development and welfare; and
  • Plan for chores and responsibilities for your children as well as fun time. Your Boca Raton family lawyer will tell you that creating scheduled responsibilities will help create a schedule and make sure they feel like part of the family.

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